viernes, julio 22, 2005

Duda de David

Ayer en la noche nos fuimos a Carlitos pa comernos unas hamburguesillas, tomé una foto y David puso una sonrisa que nos pone a dudar de qué lado batea el canijo...

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LEBG dijo...

Hola!! porfa, recuerdame como se llama el chico de camiseta blanca q iba en la sec. 9, y en el grupo ¨c¨.
Por otra parte como se q eres muy buena onda, y q eres todo un bilingüe, me gustaria q me ayudaras con mi ingles, por eso el resto de mi comentario tratare de escribirtelo,. mal o bien pero en ingles :)
I visited your Penano´s Blog of the last month and I was very interested in your opinions, I agree with you about the Convers Fashion, but I would like that you can write more about anothers topics, for example :
- What do yo think about...
*The violence in home.
*environmental contamination.
*The profesionals Engineers working in a school.
*¨Social Positions¨.
*Animals in exthintion.
And, why not, about:
* Caballeros del Zodiaco.
* Maná, or another grups.
* UABC the best University of Mexico.
* Good music, videos, movies..

Well, I see you later, please listen: The Verve -Bittersweet symphony, okis?
Bye!!!! :)

LEBG dijo...

Ey!! what`s up? I know that you may be don`t know Who am I, but, please don`t forghet me, ok

Penano dijo...

Juan Octavio Arce ( Y antes de contestar lo demás quisiera saber quién eres y si te conosco o apenas voy a conocerte =P
About what you wanted me to write about... I'm not really good at writing, sometimes I get inspiration and suddenly the words just keep coming, I will say one thing about each topic you wrote:
Violence in home- It's people paying for the uselessness of others.
Contamination- Generates from two kinds of people: greedy men and stupid people.
Profesional Engineers working in a school- I don't see any wrong in that, I may even become one of those :P
Drugs- Well, there are medicinal drugs that are good for you, and those are good, but maybe you wanted me to say something about the other kind of drugs, so here it goes: Selling illegal drugs wouldn't be good business if people were smart enough not to consume them, I mean that the commerce of illegal drugs is not the fault of the sellers, it's the fault of the stupid buyers.
"Social positions"- You can clasify people in many ways, but the big differences between those "positions" as you call them aren't reasons to treat people with less respect.
Globalifobics- Idiots
Endangered species- or animals in exthincion, as you wrote it, that's the fault of stupid people, there's a lot of people with brains that take care of them, let's help them.
Caballeros del Zodiaco- Good anime, not even close to Dragon Ball, but it's fine...
Maná, or another band- It's a good band, but I hate that guy's voice, the guy from Jaguares is far worse... I don't have favorite bands, I prefer to go for the songs.
UABC- Indeed, the best public university of México, AND I'M IN IT XD
And for the last one I don't have much to say, I don't watch much MTV or the like, for the other two (music, movies) I'm the kind of guy that likes a little of everything, but I can say that Matrix is great in many ways, one of my favorite movies... I like movies that go over the edge, where the big batos do things that are impossible for any normal person, there's nothing great about watching movies with regular people, movies are supposed to take you to a world of fantasy, superpowers, impossible stunts, overexaggerated explosions, smart jokes and great punch lines...